Dreamweaver trolling spoons are the weapon of choice for the serious fisherman. Available in 6 different shapes and sizes, and almost every imaginable color combination, each spoon is hand painted and assembled in the U.S.A. using the highest quality components. The specially developed finish proves resilient bite after bite, and fish after fish, making Dreamweaver spoons a necessary addition to every angler’s tackle box.

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  • DW

    DW (174)

    The Dreamweaver regular or “DW” spoon is the benchmark for Great Lakes trolling spoons. Year after year it’s the spoon of choice for elite tournament fishermen and charter captains. There is no substitute when it comes to the fish catching power of the DW spoon. With its one of a kind wounded fish wobble, and reflective hex pattern, the DW…
  • Mag

    Mag (153)

    The Dreamweaver Magnum spoon is big, and it catches big fish. That’s it. Like the rest of  the line up of Dreamweaver spoons, the DW Mag sports the tried and true DW hex pattern, which catches and reflects light in a manner similar to bait fish scales. The DW Mag mimics a big, wounded bait fish, and big fish can’t…
  • SS

    SS (179)

    The Super Slim is the result of Dreamweaver’s unfailing commitment to excellence. The product of rigorous research and testing, the SS is a versatile performer at all depths, and in all light conditions. The sleek, low profile design, and light reflecting micro hex pattern make the SS irresistible to pelagic predators, and consistently puts fish after fish in the box.
  • WD

    WD (39)

    The Dreamweaver WD spoon was designed with one goal in mind: To be the best walleye spoon on the market, hands down. The WD is the result of collaborations with the most successful walleye captains on the Great Lakes. It’s available in over 50 tried and true walleye catching colors. The product of years of meticulous research and development, the…
  • Wormburner

    Wormburner (37)

    The Dreamweaver Wormburner will change the way you fish for walleye. It’s the only crawler harness that can be trolled right next to your other baits. Unlike traditional crawler harnesses that have to be trolled slowly, the Wormburner has been proven effective from 1 to 4 mph, allowing you to use it in conjunction with crankbaits and spoons. Its versatility…